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Part Details Brand Recently Introduced Lid Type Height Width Depth Volume Capacity Colour Volume Lockable Material Vented Stackable
Viso 30L Blue PP Storage Box, 235mm x 475mm x 350mm Viso new products only Hinged 235mm 475mm 350mm 30L Blue - Yes PP - -
RS Pro 12L Transparent Polymer Storage Box, 170mm x 295mm x 400mm RS Pro - Hinged 170mm 295mm 400mm 12L Transparent 1 → 20L Yes Polymer - Yes
Schoeller Allibert 65L Blue PP Storage Box, 600mm x 400mm x 365mm Schoeller Allibert - Attached 600mm 400mm 365mm 65L Blue 61 → 80L - PP - -
Schoeller Allibert 10L Grey Plastic Storage Box, 400mm x 300mm x 129mm Schoeller Allibert - Hinged 400mm 300mm 129mm 10L Grey 1 → 20L - Plastic - -
RS Pro 50L Transparent Polymer Storage Box, 230mm x 450mm x 700mm RS Pro - Hinged 230mm 450mm 700mm 50L Transparent 41 → 50L Yes Polymer Yes Yes
Schoeller Allibert 75L Grey Storage Box, 423mm x 400mm x 600mm Schoeller Allibert - Hinged 423mm 400mm 600mm 75L Grey 61 → 80L - - - -
RS Pro 40L Transparent Polymer Storage Box, 320mm x 395mm x 500mm RS Pro - Hinged 320mm 395mm 500mm 40L Transparent 31 → 40L Yes Polymer Yes Yes
RS Pro 40L Grey PP Euro Containers, 200mm x 400mm x 600mm RS Pro - Removable 200mm 400mm 600mm 40L Grey 31 → 40L - PP - Yes
RS Pro 24L Transparent Polymer Storage Box, 190mm x 395mm x 500mm RS Pro - Hinged 190mm 395mm 500mm 24L Transparent 21 → 30L Yes Polymer Yes Yes
Schoeller Allibert 20L Grey Plastic Storage Box, 246mm x 300mm x 400mm Schoeller Allibert - Hinged 246mm 300mm 400mm 20L Grey 1 → 20L - Plastic - -
Schoeller Allibert 54L Blue PP Storage Box, 600mm x 400mm x 306mm Schoeller Allibert - Attached 600mm 400mm 306mm 54L Blue 51 → 60L - PP - -
RS Pro 10L Grey PP Euro Containers, 120mm x 300mm x 400mm RS Pro - Removable 120mm 300mm 400mm 10L Grey 1 → 20L - PP - Yes
Schoeller Allibert 48L Blue PP Storage Box, 264mm x 400mm x 600mm Schoeller Allibert - Attached 264mm 400mm 600mm 48L Blue 41 → 50L - PP - -
Schoeller Allibert 70L Blue PP Storage Box, 400mm x 600mm x 400mm Schoeller Allibert - Attached 400mm 600mm 400mm 70L Blue - - PP - -
Schoeller Allibert 80L Green PP Storage Box, 374mm x 460mm x 720mm Schoeller Allibert - Attached 374mm 460mm 720mm 80L Green 61 → 80L - PP - -
RS Pro 65L Black PP Attached Lid Container, 365mm x 600mm x 400mm RS Pro - Attached 365mm 600mm 400mm 65L Black 61 → 80L - PP - Yes
RS Pro 27L Grey PP Euro Containers, 600mm x 400mm x 150mm RS Pro - No Lid 600mm 400mm 150mm 27L Grey 21 → 30L - PP - Yes
RS Pro Black Plastic Dri Box, 120mm x 240mm x 340mm RS Pro - Removable 120mm 240mm 340mm - Black - - Plastic - No
Schoeller Allibert 162L Grey PE Stacking Container, 412mm x 600mm x 800mm Schoeller Allibert - Removable 412mm 600mm 800mm 162L Grey 81+L - PE - -
Schoeller Allibert 20L Grey Stacking Container, 235mm x 400mm x 300mm Schoeller Allibert - No Lid 235mm 400mm 300mm 20L Grey - - - - -
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