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Part Details Brand Flow Rate Working Pressure Maximum Inlet Water Temperature Power Rating Depth Height Width Weight Plug Type Cable Length Model Number
Karcher K2 COMPACT Pressure Washer 8Mpa Karcher 360L/h 8MPa +40°C 1.4kW 176mm 443mm 280mm 4.7kg - 4m K2 COMPACT
Karcher K4 COMPACT Pressure Washer 11Mpa Karcher 420L/h 11MPa +40°C 1.8kW 295mm 282mm 516mm 12.2kg - 6m K4 COMPACT
Bosch GHP 5-65 X Pressure Washer 160bar Bosch 520L/h 160bar +50°C 2.4kW - - - 23.6kg BS 1363/A 5m GHP 5-65 X
Bosch GHP 5-75 X Pressure Washer 185bar Bosch 520L/h 185bar +50°C 2.6kW - - - 26.8kg BS 1363/A 5m GHP 5-75 X
Karcher Pressure Washer 110bar Karcher 490L/h 110bar +60°C 2.2kW 351mm 904mm 312mm 20.5kg - 5m -
Karcher HD 200 Pressure Washer Karcher 400 - - 2.1kW - - - 20.5kg - - HD 200
Karcher HD 4/9 P Pressure Washer 110V 90bar Karcher 390L/h 90bar +60°C 1.4kW 360mm 935mm 375mm 21.6kg - 10m HD 4/9 P
Karcher HD 400 Pressure Washer Karcher 500 - - 2.3kW 13mm 36mm 14mm 19.8kg - - HD 400
Karcher HD 6/13 CX Plus Pressure Washer 130bar Karcher 590L/h 130bar +60°C 2.9kW 370mm 930mm 380mm 27.5kg - 15m HD 6/13 CX Plus
Karcher HD 6/11-4M Plus Pressure Washer 110V 30 → 110bar Karcher 250 → 600L/h 30 → 110bar +60°C 2.9kW 407mm 1.01m 467mm 48kg - 10m HD 6/11-4M Plus
Bosch GHP 5-55 Pressure Washer 130bar Bosch 520L/h 130bar +50°C 2.2kW - - - 19.4kg BS 1363/A 5m GHP 5-55
Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus Pressure Washer 130bar Karcher 590L/h 130bar +60°C 2.9kW 360mm 930mm 380mm 25.2kg - 10m HD 6/13 C Plus
Karcher HD 7/15 G Pressure Washer 150bar Karcher 650L/h 150bar +60°C 3.6kW 570mm 430mm 434mm 35kg - 10m HD 7/15 G
Karcher HD 728 B Pressure Washer 150bar Karcher 650L/h 150bar +60°C 3.6kW 434mm 430mm 570mm 28kg - 10m HD 728 B
Karcher HD 5/12 C Plus Pressure Washer 120bar Karcher 500L/h 120bar +60°C 2.5kW 360mm 930mm 380mm 23.7kg - 10m HD 5/12 C Plus
Karcher HDS 5/15 UX Plus Hot Water Pressure Washer 150bar Karcher 450L/h 150bar +80°C 2.7kW 620mm 116mm 620mm 76kg Type C - Euro Plug 15m HDS 5/15 UX Plus
Makita 140 Bar Pressure Washer 240V Makita 420L/h 140bar +50°C 2.1kW - - - 18.8kg - 8m HW132
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