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Part Details Type Recently Introduced Material Connection Size Outside Diameter Fixing Hole Pitch Circle Diameter
Full Face Flange PVCU PN15 1" Full Face Flange new products only PVC-U 1in 115mm 15mm
PVC-U full face flange,1in Full Face Flange - PVC-U 1in 115mm 83mm
EPDM flat gasket for flange,2in Flat Gasket - EPDM 2in 165mm 18mm
ABS full face flange,1 1/2in Full Face Flange - ABS 1-1/2in 150mm 98mm
PVC-U full face flange,1/2in Full Face Flange - PVC-U 1/2in 95mm 67mm
Galvanised backing flange,3in Backing Flange - Steel 3in 184mm 18mm
ABS serrated face flange adaptor,3in Flange Adapter - ABS 3in 125mm -
EPDM flat gasket for flange,1in Flat Gasket - EPDM 1in 115mm 15mm
Galvanised backing flange,2in Backing Flange - Steel 2in 153mm 18mm
PVC-U blanking flange,2in Blanking Flange - PVC-U 2in 165mm 18mm
1in PVC-U Backing Flange Backing Flange - PVC-U 1in 115mm 14mm
PVC-U full face flange,1 1/4in Full Face Flange - PVC-U 1-1/4in 140mm 88mm
Galvanised backing flange,1in Backing Flange - Steel 1in 115mm 15mm
PVC-U serrated face flange adaptor,4in Flange Adapter - PVC-U 4in 155mm -
ABS serrated face flange adaptor,4in Flange Adapter - ABS 4in 155mm -
Galvanised backing flange,1 1/2in Backing Flange - Steel 1-1/2in 134mm 15mm
Galvanised backing flange,4in Backing Flange - Steel 4in 216mm 18mm
PVC-U blanking flange,1in Blanking Flange - PVC-U 1in 115mm 15mm
PVC-U blanking flange,1 1/2in Blanking Flange - PVC-U 1-1/2in 140mm 16mm
1-1/2in PVC-U Backing Flange Backing Flange - PVC-U 1-1/2in 150mm 18mm
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