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Part Details Brand Accessory Type Compatible Models Model Compatible Brands
Swivel Belt Holster for XT420 & XT460 Motorola Holster XT420, XT460 HKLN4510 Motorola
G-Shape Earpiece for XT420 / XT460 Motorola Earpiece XT420, XT460 - -
Two Wire Earpiece inc Mic & PTT for TLKR Motorola Earpiece TLKR - -
Replacement Battery for Entel HT446 PMR Entel Lithium-Ion Battery Pack HT Series - Entel
Battery for the Motorola XT420 & XT460 Motorola Lithium-Ion Battery RMM2050 Two-Way Radio, RMU2040 Two-Way Radio, RMU2043 Two-Way Radio (Canada only), RMU2080 Two-Way Radio, RMU2080D Two-Way Radio, RMV2080 Two-Way Radio PMNN4434 Motorola
Headset microphone for XTN446 radio Motorola Headset XTN446 - Motorola
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for HX Series Entel Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack HX Series - Entel
leather case and strap or the HX series Entel - - - -
Headset for Motorola XT420 / XT460 Motorola Headset XT420, XT460 - -
Motorola CLS earbud w/mic for 2way radio Motorola Earpiece CLS446 - Motorola
Charger for the Motorola XT420 & XT460 Motorola Charger XT420, XT460 - -
Leather Case for Entel HT953 PMR Entel Case HT ATEX - Entel
Kenwood protalkTK-3201 speakermicrophone Kenwood Speaker TK-3201 - Kenwood
Motorola XTNi PMR446 Multi-Unit Charger Motorola Charger XTNi - Motorola
Multi Charger Motorola for XT420 & XT460 Motorola Charger XT420, XT460 - -
leather case and strap for the HT ATEX Entel Case and Strap HT900T - Entel
D Shape earpeice with inline PTT RS Pro D Shaped Earpiece T5 Series - Motorola
Kenwood TK-3201 PMR Euro Charger Kenwood Charger KNB-45L - Kenwood
Kenwood TK-3201 PMR UK Charger Kenwood Charger TK-3201 - Kenwood
Single Wire Acoustic Tube w/ inline PTT RS Pro Single Wire Earpiece - - Motorola
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