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Microchip MIC2253-06YML, Boost Regulator, Boost 3.5A Adjustable, Maximum of 30 V, 1.2 MHz, 12-Pin MLF
Microchip MIC2619YD6, Boost Converter, Step Up 350mA Adjustable, Maximum of 35 V, 1.2 MHz, 6-Pin SOT-23
Texas Instruments TPS61041DBVR, Boost Converter, Step Up 250mA Adjustable, 1.8 → 28 V, 1000 kHz, 5-Pin SOT-23
ON Semiconductor NCP1403SNT1G, Boost Converter, Step Up 50mA, 300 kHz, 5-Pin TSOP
Texas Instruments LM2621MM/NOPB, Boost Converter, Step Up 1A Adjustable, 1.24 → 14 V, 2000 kHz, 8-Pin MSOP
Texas Instruments TPS61025DRCR, Boost Converter, Step Up 1.2A 3.3 V, 720 kHz, 10-Pin SON
Linear Technology LT1615ES5#TRMPBF, Step-up Converter, Step Up 350mA Selectable, 5-Pin SOT-23
Step up/down boost regulatorLM2698MM-ADJ
Texas Instruments TPS62207DBVT, Boost Converter Controller 300mA 1.2 V, 1000 kHz, 5-Pin SOT-23
Micrel MIC2251-2YD5 TR, Boost Converter, Step Up 2A Adjustable, 5 → 37 V, 5-Pin SOT-23
Texas Instruments LMR62014XMFE/NOPB, Boost Converter, Step Up 2A Adjustable, 3 → 20 V, 1.85 MHz, 5-Pin SOT-23
PWM Boost Regulator, 36V, 5-Pin SOT-23
Texas Instruments TPS61202DSCT, Boost Converter, Step Up 600mA, 5V, 1650 kHz, 10-Pin SON
Texas Instruments TPS61222DCKT, Boost Converter, Step Up 400mA 4.82 → 5.13 V, 2000 kHz, 6-Pin SC-70
Texas Instruments TPS61200DRCT*, Boost Converter, Step Up 600mA Adjustable, 1.8 → 5.5 V, 1650 kHz, 10-Pin SON
Texas Instruments LM2735XMF/NOPB, Boost Converter, Step Up 3A Adjustable, 3 → 24 V, 1600 kHz, 5-Pin SOT-23
Texas Instruments LM5001MA/NOPB, Boost Converter, Inverting, Step Up 1A Adjustable, 1500 kHz, 8-Pin SOIC
DiodesZetex AP1609SG-13, Boost Converter, Step Up 2.4A Adjustable, 3 → 17 V, 300 kHz, 8-Pin SOP
Texas Instruments LM2731YMF/NOPB, Boost Converter, Step Up Adjustable, 600 kHz, 5-Pin SOT-23
DC/DC Boost Regulator 3.3V 500mA SOT23-5
  • RS Stock No. 778-0788
  • Brand EXAR
  • Mfr. Part No. SP6641BEK-L-3-3
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