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Introducing RS Brand

Saving you money with our own range of quality products

You know RS has always given you the widest range of products, competitive pricing and industry leading service. Now we've put all this into our own range of products - RS Brand - designed to save you money, without ever compromising on the quality. With a wide range across key technologies, RS Brand gives you more choice and unbeatable prices compared to the leading brands. It's what youve been waiting for...

A high quality broad range - view some of the savings below

Why RS Essentials?

Big savings

RS Brand products save you money. Our RS product range is a massive 25% cheaper on average* than leading brands. So when times are tough and margins are squeezed, choosing the RS brand will save you money every time you buy and still give you the highest quality products.

Thousands of products

The RS range now comprises over 30,000 products in the diverse areas of electronics and maintenance; covering capacitors and diodes, through to LED replacement lamps and bearings, to screen cleaners and power tools. So whatever you need, RS brand delivers every time.

What’s more, to ensure we continue to meet your needs, RS product experts are always working with suppliers to enhance our RS branded range - from individual new products to completely new ranges.

No compromise on quality

At RS, our aim is always to save you money but never at the expense of quality. Few companies invest as much time, money and expertise in testing and quality control to guarantee the highest quality products our customers can trust.

To put our name on a product it has to live up to our industry-leading reputation, the latest legislation and your demanding standards. That's why every single product in the RS brand range is carefully sourced and rigorously tested by our own specialist quality engineers. These tests ensure that our products meet the manufacturer's claims and comply with all relevant national and international requirements.

Everything from connectors and cables to mechanical and power tools is put through its paces. Only then can we be sure we're bringing you the highest standard of product at the very best price - an unbeatable combination that's hard to find elsewhere.

RS Brand Product Guarantee

With RS brand products you can be rest assured of:

  • High quality - rigorously tired and tested products
  • A guarantee that products meet or exceed the claimed specifications
  • Carefully sourced products from ethically led suppliers
  • Savings of up to 25% on leading manufacturer brands
  • Continuous product development and compliance with regulatory requirements

RS Brand Products
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