Production Packaging from RS

Thousands of electronic components packed in tubes, trays and continuous strips for use in automated production equipment.

How does it work?

Search from over 40,000 electronic products available. Through out your search journey you will be able to see which products give you the Production Packaging options as they show the Blue P symbol. Alternatively you can enter a P at the end of the standard RS stock number and this will show you if the product is available in Production Packaging. You can also select this option at order level on our website. Look out for the Blue P symbol. With all Production Packaging products, we deliver your order packed and ready for immediate use.

For example 349-9043P

Benefits to you

We supply products from over 150 leading manufacturers so you'll always be able to source the major brands you expect. It's an easy order service saving you valuable time and also saving you money by buying the exact quantities you need for a job without dealing with unnecessary packaging.

  • You save time - industry standard packaging means products are ready for use
  • You save money - flexible quantities to suit your production-run size
  • You save administration time by dealing with one supplier
  • Easy to order - the RS production packaged range is in one place online

What to do next?

You can browse through our electronic components section at the top left of this page and look out for the Blue P symbol, or use our search box to narrow down your search results. Remember all products available in Production Packaging have a Blue P symbol by them.

Alternatively contact your local RS representative

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