Angle Grinders

Angle Grinders also known as Disc Grinders. These hand held devices are used for removing material from various surfaces. Angle Grinders utilise a cutting or abrasive disc depending on application. Angle Grinders are powered by mains corded, cordless batteries or Compressed Air.

How they work

Angle Grinders, powered by Batteries, Compressed air or 240 V mains supply, rotate a spindle in a safety clutch. To operate remove the locking nut, select your disk as per application, place over the spindle and retighten with locking tool.


Always use safety equipment such as safety googles, ear defenders and reusable gloves.

Types of Angle Grinders

  • Corded Angle Grinders:Powered by 240 V, variable speed and two hand operation. Widely used in metal work fabrication and construction. Angle Grinders easily remove material when the correct disc grade is selected, and is a quality tool for sanding. There is a large range to choose from, the most important factor is the right grinder for the right application.
  • Cordless Angle Grinders: Powered by batteries and offer the same operating properties as a corded angle grinder. These grinders are portable and are the go-to choice when it comes safety. No cables to manoeuvre around objects or personnel. Ideal for DIY, workshops and fabrication applications.
  • Compressed Air Angle Grinders:
  • Air powered, Thumb trigger controlled and generally used for light duties where more precision is required. These grinders can be small and light but remain powerful, because they do not contain heavy motor windings.
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Part Details Brand Disc Size Speed Voltage Rating Wattage Air Powered Weight Plug Type Length Model Number
GWX 9-115 S 110 V X Lock Angle Grinder Bosch 115mm - - 900 - 2.1kg - - GWX 9
GWX 9-115 S 230V XLock Angle Grinder BS Bosch 115mm - 230V 900W - 2.1kg - 280mm GWX 9
Bosch GWS 7-115 115mm Angle Grinder720W, 110V Bosch 115mm - 110V 720W - 1.9kg - - GWS 7-115
Bosch GWS 9-115P 115mm Angle Grinder900W, 110V Bosch 115mm - 110V 900W - 2.1kg - 353mm GWS 9-115P
Bosch GWS 9 115mm Angle Grinder900W, 230V Bosch 115mm - 230V 900W - 1.9kg - 280mm GWS 9
GWS 18-125 SL Angle Grinder EU plug Bosch - - - - - - - - -
DeWALT DEW4206 115mm Angle Grinder1.01kW, 110V 2P+E Dewalt 115mm 11000rpm 110V 1.01kW - 2.1kg 2P+E 285mm DEW4206
Bosch PWS700115 115mm Angle Grinder701W, UK Plug Bosch 115mm 11000rpm - 701W - 1.7kg Type G - British 3-pin - PWS700115
Bahco BP 115 Compressed Air Angle Grinder164W Bahco - 20000rpm - 164W Yes 590g - - BP 115
Makita 9564P 115mm Angle Grinder1.1kW, 110V Makita 115mm 12000rpm 110V 1.1kW - 2.3kg - 307mm 9564P
DeWALT DEW4206 115mm Angle Grinder1.01kW, 240V, UK Plug Dewalt 115mm 11000rpm 240V 1.01kW - 2.1kg Type G - British 3-pin 285mm DEW4206
Makita GA5021 125mm Angle Grinder1.05kW, 240V, UK Plug Makita 125mm 11000rpm 240V 1.05kW - 2.5kg Type G - British 3-pin - GA5021
Bosch GWS 1100 125mm Angle Grinder1.1kW, 230V Type F - Schuko plug Bosch 125mm 11000rpm 230V 1.1kW - 2.1kg Type F - Schuko plug 22mm GWS 1100
RS APT715 100mm Compressed Air Angle Grinder RS Pro 100mm 12000rpm - - Yes 2kg - 254mm APT715
Bosch GWS 7-115 115mm Angle Grinder720W, 240V, UK Plug Bosch 115mm 11000rpm 240V 720W - 1.9kg Type G - British 3-pin - GWS 7-115
Bosch GWS 7-115 115mm Angle Grinder720W, 230V Type F - Schuko plug Bosch 115mm 11000rpm 230V 720W - 1.9kg Type F - Schuko plug - GWS 7-115
DeWALT DWE492K-LX 230mm Angle Grinder2.2kW, 110V Dewalt 230mm 6600rpm 110V 2.2kW - 5.2kg - 490mm DWE492K-LX
Makita GA9020kd 230mm Angle Grinder2kW, 240V, UK Plug Makita 230mm 6600rpm 240V 2kW - 4.7kg Type G - British 3-pin - GA9020kd
Bosch GWS 9-115 115mm Angle Grinder900W, 230V, UK Plug Bosch 115mm 11500rpm 230V 900W - 2.1kg Type G - British 3-pin 353mm GWS 9-115
Makita 9564P 115mm Angle Grinder1.1kW, 240V Makita 115mm 12000rpm 240V 1.1kW - 2.3kg - 307mm 9564P
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