Die Stocks

Die stocks – or die holders – are tubular parts that are used for fitting and turning dies, a tool used to cut or shape materials. Die stocks are often used for cutting and threading (sealing) metal objects like pipes.

What is a die stock?
Die stocks hold a range of different sizes of hex and split-adjustable dies. They’re made from solid materials to ensure a long product life and have knurled handles for extra grip.
Die stocks usually have three screws near the spindle-facing side of the tailstock (the adjustable part of a lathe, rotating tool) to position the die, and a cylindrical disc containing the cutting tool. Holes cut symmetrically around the central thread cutting tool are for chips of metal or other material.

Why use a die stock?
The three screw design easily locks a die into position and maintains alignment for accurate threading and clean, straight threads. In turn, this means dies can be used to create new threads or repair worn and damaged threads.
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Part Details Brand Die Diameter Overall Length Material
RS PRO 20 mm, 25 mm diameter HSS Die Holder, 417 mm RS Pro 20 mm, 25 mm 417 mm HSS
RS PRO 42mm diameter Die Holder RS Pro 42mm - -
RS PRO 13/16in diameter Diecast Zinc Die Holder, 200 mm RS Pro 13/16in 200 mm Diecast Zinc
EXACT 25mm diameter Steel Die Holder, 224 mm EXACT 25mm 224 mm Steel
RS PRO 25mm diameter Diecast Aluminium Die Holder RS Pro 25mm - Diecast Aluminium
RS PRO 1.3125in diameter Diecast Zinc Die Holder, 270 mm RS Pro 1.3125in 270 mm Diecast Zinc
EXACT 38mm diameter Steel Die Holder, 315 mm EXACT 38mm 315 mm Steel
EXACT 20mm diameter Steel Die Holder, 200 mm EXACT 20mm 200 mm Steel
EXACT 30mm diameter Steel Die Holder, 280 mm EXACT 30mm 280 mm Steel
EXACT 38mm diameter Steel Die Holder, 315 mm EXACT 38mm 315 mm Steel
RS PRO 1in diameter Diecast Zinc Die Holder, 210 mm RS Pro 1in 210 mm Diecast Zinc
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